10th-11th March 2016 at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre

Challenges and Revisions in Shoulder Surgery:

  • Live Surgery on complex cases
  • Advances in rotator cuff repair
  • Bone deficiency and failures in Shoulder Instability
  • Biological treatment
  • Surface and stemless arthroplasty
  • First implant & revision reverse arthroplasty
  • Infections
  • Relive Surgery Procedures
  • Panel Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Physiotherapist sessions

Convenors: Ofer Levy and Giuseppe Sforza
Scientific Committee : O Levy, G Sforza, J Bruguera, A Narvani, A Castagna
Organization Committee: G Sforza, O Levy, A Narvani, C Hogg, S Roberts, P Consigliere, G Araelis

Please download the booking form using the link below and then press the “submit form” button on the top right hand corner of page 1 of the booking form to submit to us… Alternatively you can print out your completed booking form and send in as a scan attachment to the course mail address below
Rate cards for Delegate fees are also included for your information below.

Main Programme Physiotherapy Programme Delegate Rates Booking Form

For further information, general enquiries and details of Exhibition, Educational Support Packages/Sponsorship Rates. Please email us on course2016@readingshoulderunit.com or Telephone UK +07741482224


The Maiwand Lion Forbury Gardens, Reading


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